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Auxiliary Internet Resource System (AIRS)

Websites for Auxiliary Units:

The Auxiliary Internet Resource System (AIRS) was established to host Auxiliary unit websites free of charge on Auxiliary servers, with a unique Web address for each. Initially providing virtual web servers for "conventional" (HTML and PHP) websites, the system was expanded in 2011 to include the extremely popular WOW: Pushbutton Website System. Since January 1, 2012, interest in conventional or "AIRS" sites has disappeared, as units rush to convert to the WOW II platform. We are no longer offering AIRS websites due to security and server space concerns, however, the WOW II platform is ideal for all units.

Requesting a WOW II Pushbutton Website:

There is no request procedure for a WOW II Pushbutton Website. The WOW system is completely "self service". Appropriate unit officers can simply log on to the WOW platform at, provide their unit number, and begin their website. For more information, visit our WOW Platform pages.

National Approval for WOW, AIRS, or Other Sites:

Local units can request national approval for their web site WOW, legacy AIRS, or other exclusively via their DSO-CS. Nationally-approved sites are listed in the National Flotilla Finder, in AuxDirectory/AuxOfficer, and appear in unit lists on WOW Pushbutton Websites.

DSOs petitioning for national approval of a site use the online "DSO Approval Request" form, AKA "Site Notification Form (SNF)", available to the left. According to the Auxiliary Manual, the District Commodore or his/her designee (typically the DSO-CS) is entirely responsible for the content of an Auxiliary unit website. Therefore, the DSO-CS is responsible for critically reviewing the new site against the checklists and requirements posted elsewhere on this site, prior to submitting the form to the left.

After submission, a staff member in the User Support & Services Department's CS Support Division will evaluate the candidate website and issue an "Approved Status" if all requirements are met. The status of these submissions is available to the left, under "Processing Status"

Need Support?

The User Services Directorate is here to make your job easier! We provide assistance in any way possible. It is easy to request support for any issues just submit a Help Desk ticket. Links to the National Help Desk can be found on the menu of all national IT Group web pages and in the footer of any Auxiliary page.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the future of the Auxiliary Web Presence.

Page Updated: July 7, 2023